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California Labor Law Poster

24" x 34" Poster Includes:

  • Cal/OSHA Notice
  • California Minimum Wage
  • Workers' Compensation Notice
  • Unemployment Insurance Benefits Notice
  • Time off to Vote Posting
  • Access to Medical & Exposure Records Notice
  • Discrimination Posting
  • Whistleblowers Posting
  • Unemployment, Disability and Paid Family Leave Notices
  • Emergency Numbers Fill-In-The-Blank
  • Paid Sick Leave
  • FMLA Notice A or B (As applicable)
  • Applicable wage order will be provided as a separate posting

This posting only includes the state labor law postings. It does not include the Federal Labor Law postings. A separate Federal Labor Law poster may be ordered below.

We offer the most comprehensive and accurate labor law service available. As part of this service it is necessary for you to answer several questions about your workplace. This will ensure that you obtain ALL of the postings required for California. If you have any questions about your poster, please contact us toll-free at 1-877-922-7233.

Please select the number of employees currently on your payroll.

Please select a wage order. Click here for assistance in selecting.

California Labor Law Poster Laminated#P9CA
California Labor Law Poster Laminated-Spanish #P9CAS

Is this poster for a state or local government employer?

Federal Labor Law Poster Laminated#P9FED
Federal Labor Law Poster Laminated-Spanish #P9FEDS

California Forklift Poster Laminated#P9CAF
California Forklift Poster Laminated-Spanish #P9CAFS
Forklift posters are only required if forklifts are operated on premises.

Pricing applies to posters with item numbers beginning with P8 & P9.
1 to 10 posters
$10.95 / each
11 to 20 posters
$9.95 / each
21 to 40 posters
$8.95 / each
41 to 100 posters
$7.95 / each
101 to 200 posters
$6.95 / each
201+ posters
$5.95 / each