Cal/OSHA Program

The Cal/OSHA Program is responsible for enforcing California laws and regulations pertaining to workplace safety and health and for providing assistance to employers and workers about workplace safety and health issues.

The Cal/OSHA Enforcement Unit conducts inspections of California workplaces based on worker complaints, accident reports and high hazard industries. There are 22 Cal/OSHA Enforcement Unit district offices located throughout the state of California. Specialized enforcement units such as the Mining and Tunneling Unit and the High Hazard Enforcement Unit augment the efforts of district offices in protecting California workers from workplace hazards in high hazard industries.

Other specialized units such as the Crane/Certifier Accreditation Unit, the Asbestos Contractors’ Registration Unit, the Asbestos Consultant and Site Surveillance Technician Unit, and the Asbestos Trainers Approval Unit are responsible for enforcing regulations pertaining to crane safety and prevention of asbestos exposure.

The Cal/OSHA Consultation Service provides assistance to employers and workers about workplace safety and health issues through on-site assistance, high hazard consultation and special emphasis programs, and develops educational materials on workplace safety and health topics.

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Required Postings

The State of California and the Federal Government each have required postings for all workplaces. These postings are commonly called employment law posters or labor law posters. As these required posters are updated by the State of California or the Federal Government it is important for each workplace to update their postings. Fines of up to $7000.00 can be imposed for workplaces not posting the current required posters. These posters are available on our Required Posters page.

Safety Training

Cal/OSHA and Federal OSHA both require workplaces to train employees on all occupational hazards to which they are exposed. This could potentially include dozens of topics, but most commonly includes 5 to 10 safety topics per employee. It is the responsibility
of the employeer to determine which safety hazards are present in their workplace and to eliminate the hazard and/or train employees about the hazard. To view training programs available please visit our Other Products page.
Employers are allowed to use training
aids such as videos, DVDs, and training kits. These items are available on hundreds of safety topics and often are accompanied by materials such as trainer’s guides, quizzes, certificates, and employee booklets. These items are generally very helpful to employers, however, these items do not aleviate the employer’s responsibility to maintain a safe work environment. Training aids should only be used by persons in the workplace who have the knowledge and experience to answer safety questions related to the subject being taught.

Preventing Sexual Harassment Training (AB1825)

The Fair Employment and Housing Act authorizes the Commission to promulgate regulations interpreting the FEHA. (Gov. Code section 12935, subd. (a).)The Commission’s sexual harassment training and education regulations submitted to the Office of Administrative Law have been approved. The regulations became effective on August 17, 2007.

National Safety Compliance has developed a Preventing Sexual Harassment training program and materials to assist employers in complying with these regulations, including California AB1825 Sexual Harassment Law.